David Impey is a composer / producer / keyboardist who has worked as a musician for 20 years principally as a composer of soundtrack music for corporate clients ranging from sherry to paint to insurance and cruise lines.

Some of his music has been used extensively by TV companies across Europe including the UK and the Netherlands.

His favourite project was recording the backing music for a documentary on brain surgery where the brief was to write ‘the world’s most depressing music’ – hopefully, not a comment on his work generally.

He has performed live both as a solo artist and as the keyboard player for a number of bands including Eddie Kenwood and the Rotating Spoons, the much-missed Pump Monkeys and Soundbite. He briefly formed a band – The Z Band (see links page) – and recorded an album of material with them. He has also worked as a jobbing session musician for a number of bands and was even involved in a contemporary music project.


David is also rehearsing with a new band – Dads Dancing – which will be focussed on down-and-dirty blues.

David also writes songs, sometimes collaborating with other writers, for other artists which vary from musicals to out-and-out AOR power ballads.

David lists his influences as Mike Oldfield, Brian Eno, The Alan Parsons Project, Steve Reich and Apollo 440, not to mention soundtrack composers such as Thomas Newman and John Powell. Other influences include the local beer and Dry Martinis (Tanqueray, stirred with a twist please…).

David is an avid user of software by Steinberg, Propellerhead and Native Instruments, creators of the mighty Absynth and the equally impressive (albeit for more workaday applications) FM8. David also uses equipment by Roland and Korg.

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