Under Cover

The new album from trace. ‘Under Cover’ is the first Trace project to be released by Crash Records in 2010 and is an album of cover versions (hence the name). 

Menu of tracks:

  • Tubular Bells Part 1 (written by Mike Oldfield). This has been turned into a trip around a number of different musical genres including funk, folk, dance and blues. Here is a run-down of the sections of the piece listing (as per the original concept) all the instruments played and the musical genres they follow:
Part 1 (1:27) Piano, glockenspiel, malletstack, marimba, retrocoder, bass clarinet
Part 2 (5:29) Piano, picked bass, drum loops, velo-rez clavinet, poly rock, calliopead, lead guitar, rhtythm guitar, MIDI piano, click organ
Part 3 (1:03) Drum loops, perky B, nylon guitar, huff’n’ stuff, hugo bass, mandolin, guitar, strings, flute, piccolo
Part 4 (1:09) Strings, quena, calliopead, guitar
Part 5 (4:21) Drums, piano, picked bass, muted guitar, tekno solo vox, air lead, rock mutes, lead guitar, granioso, click lesley organ
Part 6 (0:55) Idiots’ chorus, acoustic bass, squeezebox, violin, guitar, MIDI piano, oboe, strings
Part 7 (5:17) Drums, trumpets, basses, pianos, guiatrs, click organ, obilator, x-hale, rock mutes, organ stabs, east coast brass, wah wah guitar, cabin organ
Part 8 (2:29) Drum loops, LA heaven, picked bass, afters pad, bass guitar
Part 9 (1:20) Harp, irish whistle, strings, Absynth
Part 10 (10:06) Bass, strings, dream voices, rebirth, click bass, piano, OB sweep pad, D-mention, guitars, labo-feedback, velo-guitar, lead guitar, trumpets, distorted guitar, click organ, heavenely guitar, MC and… TUBULAR BELLS


  • September – Colors / Dance (written by George Winston). This piece was originally a piece for solo piano which has been arranged and extended in order to explore the various moods of the original in more depth and, also, to get a deeper connection with the autumnal theme.


  • The Neighbours Complain (written by Norman Impey). This was originally a showpiece for the drummer of the 1940s big band The Skyrockets Orchestra to ‘give it some’. The original genre was big band swing. The new version is somewhat more funky. David Impey would like to offer his apologies to his father who wrote it.
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